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is a volunteer missions organization founded to assist individuals to find a place of service and ministry overseas and in the U. S.  It is a Non-Profit organization founded by Dr. Charles Pratt, who has led over 100 mission trips overseas and 100's of more inside the United States. 

The ministry receives it's support from individuals, churches and businesses that have an interest in assisting with specific mission projects, such as church construction and the Bible distribution ministry.  If you have an interest in our ministry and have questions about how you can become involved, please give us a call.  This is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization just like a church.  Gifts or contributions to CPM, Inc. are tax deductible. 

These mission trips provide volunteers the opportunity to actively participate in meaningful mission experiences and in many nations the opportunity to visit with career SBC missionaries on the field.  The teams are always involved in evangelism. such as home Bible Studies, daily crusades, schools, street ministry, prison ministry, teaching and many other opportunities to share the Gospel message.  This ministry often involves the construction of new church buildings, when funds are available.   CPM, Inc. has built dozens of church buildings in several nations.
CPM, Inc. serves to link up people in partnership settings of ministry.  Also, it assists pastors overseas with salary support to enable them to begin new mission type churches and help them to effectively win their countrymen to a saving faith in Jesus Christ.  The ministry provides funds for building materials for new church buildings overseas.  Currently, this ministry has built over 30 church buildings overseas.  CPM, Inc. plans and coordinates overseas and stateside mission trips for mission volunteers on short term trips usually 14 days or less.   Trips are planned each year allowing adequate time to enlist and train volunteers.  The trips are often coordinated with the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. 

CPM, Inc. will try to assist each volunteer in obtaining a passport.  Sometimes we may be able to help a volunteer in raising the funds for their expenses for the trip.  Since this process usually take a few months, please contact our ministry at least 6 months beforehand to get all things in order.


email: cpmpratt@gmail.com 
call (901) 466-1822 ot (901) 573-5063