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Cross Partners Ministry, Inc. was founded  by Dr. Charles Pratt, who has led over 100 mission trips while serving as Director of Missions.  He has also served as the pastor of First Baptist Church, Kenton, Tennessee, before coming to his current position of Missions Director with the Fayette Baptist Association in Tennessee.

Over the years, Cross Partners Ministry has seen over 500 volunteers go on mission trips around the world.  It now supports an international church planter, Ernie Fernandez in the Philippines.  Pastor Fernandez is very instrumental in planning upcoming crusades and training local pastors on how to plan for the crusades.  He works with the pastors on follow-ups of the Professions of Faith that were made during the crusades and teaches local pastors how to work with the American volunteers.

Trucks loaded with thousands of Bibles are distributed on the mission trips each year.  One Bible will often be read by many family members and friends.  The goal of Cross Partners Ministry is to get every person making a profession of faith a New Testament or a Bible.

Cross Partners Ministry usually builds a church building every year for a church group that has a need for a building.  Several individuals, churches and businesses donate funds to provide  for the building project.  The Lord has provided funds for the CPM teams to build over 30 churches in the Philippines plus several pastoriums.

Many nations in the world are open to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Of course, this makes them very vulnerable to the cults which feast upon their openess.  Cross Partners Ministry is commited to sowing the seeds by taking volunteers to share the good news. Come join us in sowing the seeds of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

CPM Church Planter, Ernie Fernandez and family

Dr. Charles Pratt baptizing in the South China Sea.